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New York marathon – here’s the plan

I always encourage athletes to write out a plan for important races, it gives you structure and focus for the day and avoids the “I’ll just run it” trap that leaves your mind and body wandering aimlessly when things get tough.

So, here’s mine for the New York Marathon.

Short version:

Run the course in four 6 mile sections, each separated by a 10 minute walk.

Dedicate my run to the LIVESTRONG Foundation and those living with cancer.

Long version:

Mile 1: Walk out of Staten Island to top of Verrrazano bridge

Run section 1: Jog into Brooklyn

Mile 8: Take walk break at Flatbush avenue

Run section 2: Jog through Queens to Queensboro bridge

Mile 15: Walk over bridge

Run section 3: Jog up Manhattan

Mile 20: Walk over bridge into the Bronx

Run section 4: Jog round Bronx and back into Central park

Mile 26.2 Finish!

Should take me between 5 and 6 hours.

Why this plan: training has been interrupted by injury and Hurricane Harvey and this breaks it up into manageable chunks. When the plan meets reality, I could end up walking a whole lot more!

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