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Swim Tips from Sabrina

My good friend and fellow coach, Sabrina Cook, offered these swim tips for the Tri Skills Camp.

This is the swim fin I recommend. The short fins that some athletes had are really designed for advanced swimmers. These longer fins will correct what I call the “bicycle kick” that my group discussed. Speedo Rubber Swim Training Fins

Along with the fins, here are links to the drills

Swim Golf - SWOF

Note that this article mentions getting a SWOF score from your watch. You can easily get this info on your own. However the interpretation of the data remains the same. If you don’t have a watch, take your SWOF score at a minimum of each week, and up to twice per swim session (beginning and end). Record this data in your training log.

Catch-up Drill - High Elbow

3 Phases of Freestyle Pull

Kick Drills - can do these with the above fins

Fixes to common swim mechanics issues

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