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Top 10 Coaching Tips from Endurance Exchange

The annual USAT coaching conference, AKA Endurance Exchange, is a great event to top up your coaching skills and meet new friends and collaborators in the triathlon world. I attended the January 2023 event in Austin, Texas and had a great time. My top ten nuggets from the conference:

  1. A fully aerodynamic rider uses 30% less energy than someone riding upright.

  2. About 80% of our energy expended on the bike is overcoming air resistance.

  3. If you haven't adopted an aero position yet - now is the time to start. Get those clip-ons fitted!

  4. When Laurent Fignon lost to Greg LeMond in the Tour de France by 8 seconds in the lfinal time trial, it has been calculated that Laurent's ponytail, which protruded from his helmet, cost him 10 seconds in additional drag!

  5. A clean chain and lube are worth 10-15 Watts in reduced friction. Keep it clean, people.

  6. Concrete sucks as a running surface. It took a sport science PhD to tell me that. Go find some dirt or gravel. It's easier on the legs, joints and tendons.

  7. Hill sprints are a great way to develop running form. It encourages a high knee lift and powerful leg drive. Start with 5-6 reps, between 1-3 minutes duration, depending on the slope.

  8. Alternating walk/run is a great strategy for heavy runners. Try gradually building the run content with time.

  9. For injury recovery, try 3 small runs in a day, 5-10 minutes each, rather than 1 bigger run. Just put your shoes on and jog around the block.

  10. Swimming. The big thing about swimming is that it's hard. And relies on technique. Make sure to see a coach.


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