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Success stories from some of Peter's clients and coaching partners.

A few words from Leanda Cave, Ironman Triathlon world champion, 70.3 world champion and Head Coach at

It was a pleasure to have Peter on my coaching organization at from April through August 2020.  Peter has a great range as a coach and is able to work with both beginners and podium contenders. He did a great job encouraging and mentoring the newbies, while provided challenging, performance-driven coaching for the more advanced athletes. I look forward to working with Peter again in the future.




Thank you so much for all of your coaching support to get me through this first triathlon!  I really appreciate your encouragement and words of wisdom-  Darrell T.

The Tri Skills camp was so much fun!! Thanks for making us feel so welcome!!

Karen B.

We made the plan - training for no injuries and a solid finish (at Ironman 70.3 Waco) Could not have done it without you!!! Thanks again for everything! And importantly thanks for being there yesterday, and cheering me on, I really really appreciate it.

Jennifer S.


Peter  worked with me to help me properly train for the 2016 Panasonic Triathlon in NYC.  We began working together about 3-4 months prior to the Triathlon and he gave me an easy to follow plan and schedule with enough variety to keep it interesting.  He took the time to explain the benefits of mixing interval training with longer workouts and was very helpful in making sure I didn’t over train therefore avoiding boredom and more importantly, injuries.  He sent me easy to follow charts and schedules and helped a lot with day of and several day before eating and activity instructions.  He was also very helpful with day of preparation to take the anxiety out of race day and offered really good race day tips that only someone with lots of experience could provide.

He was a tremendous help and made the months of training not only interesting but productive and my experience of the race was fun and I did quite well!”​
Joanne G. ​

“Thank you so much Peter and Wendy for putting on this clinic. Learned a lot about efficient transitions today and the time spent was well worth it.”​
Tim W.​

“Great swim clinic today at 288 Lake with Peter Foster from Ten West Triathlon; a lot of great swimmers.”​
Tina W.​

"Thank you for both the clinic and your follow up. Heidi and I both had an enjoyable day. I learned quite a bit, especially with the swim and stretching instruction. Chris R.


Thank you, Peter! I’ve made notes on the swim drills to incorporate into my workouts. 

The camp was great! Sheila C.

"I was there! Awesome clinic!" Michelle B.

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