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Better coaching for athletes through continuing education with USA Triathlon

One of the requirements for retaining a coaching certification with USA Triathlon is continuing education. I am pleased to have my certification approved for another 2 years by gaining education credits in areas that deliver improvements in safety, satisfaction and performance for athletes. The courses I attended, and passed (!):


· Wetsuit Specific Training & Racing

· Proper Biomechanics of the Swim Stroke

· Building an Open-Water Swimmer


· High Performance Cycling: Improving Your 40k TT

· The Power Meter Handbook

· Bike Safety and Awareness


· Full-Body Fitness for Runners

Racing and training:

· Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes

· Special Concerns for Female Triathletes

· Practical Guide to Mental Training

· Stress and Anxiety – It’s Not Just in Their Head

· Coaching Paratriathletes

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